Your Pet Hotel

Your Pet Hotel

Your Pet Hotel is a collection of various games for kids
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Your Pet Hotel is a collection of role-play in which you are a manager of a pet hotel doing all the tasks involved in taking care of the animals. These chores are organized as funny games of various types: action, puzzle and strategy, counting up in total to 25 games.

The game's interface is quite simple, and there's a so-called hub screen screen that works as a control panel for selecting the intended games. At all times, you will receive spoken instructions, which works well for small children who have not learned how to read yet.

The games are varied and include such actions as solving puzzles, catching falling objects, quick clicking, breaking blocks with a ball and a paddle, spotting differences, finding hidden animals, remembering sequences, organizing falling blocks, and catching a runaway animal, among others.

This game has simple graphics and nice pastel colors. The music is simple but not annoying, while the sounds match the actions they represent. The voiced instructions, however, can definitely become annoying after a while, and I did not find a simple way to skip them.

Your Pet Hotel is a nice game collection. Keep in mind that is intended for kids, so if you are an adult, it is very likely that you find them too simple and unchallenging. Conversely, kids (specially young ones) will surely like to play while they learn simple mouse operations, such as clicking and dragging, as well as basic keyboard use. They will also learn to recognize the names of the animals and to identify the sounds they make. Some games will reinforce their memory while others will help them develop thinking strategies.

Belkis Díaz
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  • It is easy to navigate
  • It has nice graphics and adequate sounds
  • The games are varied
  • It can be used for educational purposes


  • The spoken instructions cannot be skipped
  • It is only appropriate for kids
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